Faith's Florals is a St. Louis based wedding floral design company born from a desire to break free from the cookie-cutter, over-priced wedding industry that brides of today are forced to battle.

My goal is to provide beautiful, dream-worthy floral arrangements at prices that your local flower shop can't compete with!

It all began when I was planning my own wedding. I couldn't believe how expensive flowers were! Design and consultation fees, delivery surcharges...the list went on and on! Plus I had other worries: what if my allergies to certain flowers made me sick and watery-eyed on my wedding day? What if my flowers wilted since the date we booked was mid-July? I didn't want to blow my budget on flowers when there were so many unknowns! So I decided to do my flowers myself. I got so many compliments on my wedding day and lots of people asking who did my flowers. When I told them it was me, my friends said I should do this as a business. I laughed and shrugged off the idea. Then I started thinking: what if I really could make this a business? What if I could help brides in my same situation plan the weddings of their dreams on a budget? And so Faith's Florals was born!

Is your wedding budget keeping you from ordering the flowers you REALLY want? Do you want flowers in your bouquet that are out of season? Are you afraid of your flowers wilting as you walk down the aisle during your summer wedding?

Say goodbye to ALL of your worries when you choose Faith's Florals for your event needs!

I work exclusively with next-generation silk florals. These are incredibly realistic fake flowers that look even better than their real counterparts. Think richer colors, perfect shape, and zero wilting--even on the hottest summer day! Do you want specific flowers out of season? No problem! Silk flowers are available in just about any bloom you can think of. And the best part? I can offer my flowers at about half the cost of a traditional florist so you can choose the flowers of your dreams on YOUR wedding budget.

Email me today or message my facebook page to see what Faith's Florals can provide for your special day!