I work exclusively with next-generation silk florals. These are incredibly realistic fake flowers that look even better than their real counterparts. Think richer colors, perfect shape, and zero wilting--even on the hottest summer day! Do you want specific flowers out of season? No problem! Silk flowers are available in just about any bloom you can think of.

And the best part? You can pick up your flowers on YOUR schedule--no more having to plan for
delivery right before your ceremony!

Still not convinced? Keep reading and check out some of my work!

8 Reasons to Choose Silk Flowers for Your Special Day

Beauty - I design all of my florals with high-end, New Generation Silk Flowers. These aren't the flowers you remember seeing on your Grandma's kitchen table! New Generation Silk flowers are the airbrushed makeup of the floral world, providing unequaled beauty from every angle and richer and brighter hues than real flowers.

Non-Seasonal - Want a Christmas in July wedding? What about tulips in the winter? Many flowers are seasonal and become nearly impossible to purchase off season. Some florists can special order off-season, but this is very expensive. Silks are the perfect solution; you can get your favorite flower in any season!

Allergies - Many people (like me!) have allergies to fresh flowers. Silk flowers give you the beautiful look you want but save you from having watery eyes, sneezing, and a stuffy nose on your special day!

No Wilting & Flexible Delivery - During the hot summer months it is extremely difficult to keep fresh flowers from wilting, and regardless of temperature, many fresh flowers have a very small window before they start to wilt, which is why florists deliver them as close to the ceremony time as possible. With silks, you don’t have to worry about keeping them cool or in water, so they can be delivered whenever the bride finds it convenient.

Bees/Wasps - Are you having an outdoor ceremony? What about pictures in the park? If you are one of those brides who hates bees, silks were made just for you! Although they look real, pesky bees and other insects won’t be attracted to them.

Advanced Orders - There is a lot of commotion on your wedding day--people in, people out, deliveries here, deliveries there--it's a crazy day! And, if the florist is late, or the flowers were not what you expected, this could put a damper on your wedding day. Receiving your flowers in advance helps with that stress. 

No Need to Preserve -  If you want to keep your fresh bouquet beyond your wedding day, you'll have to pay for a preservation service or attempt to dry out the flowers yourself (dried flowers make a huge mess and they typically don't last more than a few years at best). With silk bouquets, you get to keep your flowers just the way they were on your special day, forever! 

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